me puse es tan verde
wait lets take one more
now lets go to work

I was supposed to be in bed by midnight because I had work in the morning, but the Children of Men came on dah telly…

I found a video of me talking to my webcam about the cycle of humanity.  It was really fucking long and I was very high. 

I finally get why everyone thinks I’m fucking dominican.  



Yesterday it took me about an hour and change to get from my apartment down to battery park.  I’m getting addicted to biking yo.  

And I’ve also noticed that I can’t not look like shit when I got out. Friday and saturday I began the night actually looking like I’d had a shower within the last couple of days, but just two hours into anything and I become a homeless asjxgmnkjas who stands in the corner trying to remember what shoes she has on.  It’s a dangerous process.

I swear I put in my retainer when i passed out last night, but I really can’t fucking find it.  O;IEAJSNDGVZNDVL|sdnkGVF

Today I’m twenty and three hours

I took my birthday date off of facebook yesterday so I don’t have to deal with that bullshit.  My parents and I are going to jersey gardens later to shop and I’ve actually accumulated quite a few gifts already.  New awesome metal shoe rack, big sephora gift card (they haven’t given it to me yet but I saw it by accident on my quest for gum in mah dad’s office), a name necklace my mom is giving me later…aaaand Diggy. He’s my bff yo. 

And of course I get awesome breakfast(mangu) and awesome dinner (Indian). Yup yuuuuuuup

I stole from the book donation bin in my building. I really like the physiology textbook so far

Dear Diary,

Today I received a juror questionnaire in the mail.  And so it begins…

The commentary is that I’m trapped in my unfocused camera and that’s frightening.  
now I’m ready