me puse es tan verde

Jake Cooper

oh no.  dealer is hot.  oh no no nononononononono i need to not slut it up this time i cant this time nonononononono


Jake Cooper

Me and the Boys from Girls.

I keep making elborate excuses and reasons why I shouldn’t have to do certain things but it takes more effort than if i just did said things in thefirstplaceaarrrrrrrrgggg

I don’t want to see nick anymore. he’s getting boring and he’s getting muscular.  I’m the one who improves guys until they hit their peak and then they charge out into the crowds of bitches who form at their every stomp and wink and I’m left to smoke bud out of my bathroom window with diggy scratching at the door…as if he’s worried.  Diggy always looks worried. He has an anxious face

I ate twix and I feel gross.  I’m also eating chips, and they’re disgusting too.  I ran into someone and he looked really sad.  Wait no, I saw someone and I tried to run away before he saw me and my bloated pimply face but then he did see me and in the brief moment when I caught a glimpse of his face, he looked really sad.  I wish it would have been okay for me to give him a hug, he looked like he needed it.  

so now I get off just by thinking about giving head.  like what the gruth buss?

what is up with guys and rim jobs? i don’t mind it, but if it were my own mouth i wouldn’t be so willing.  

oh funny story: david mitchell reminds me of this guy I wanted to fuck and then didn’t care for and then had a dream about and now want to fuck again.