me puse es tan verde

I just saw a really edgy but also super kewl jonas brothers video where they proved they’re men and can cruise like bruno may-rs, i just really hope this doesn’t make my jonas brothers poster un-ironic.  

Very high and my dad just ordered dominos XD

i only like “everythings embarrassing  because it reminds me of when my mom would listen to music in the living room at the old apartment and dance and i would just watch because i knew something peaceful was happening and i shouldn’t walk in and disturb it

I know we’re all the same but also different, but I think we’re all mostly the same. We all go through differnt cycles of thoughts and just being, that’s how we’

re the same.  We’re all differnt because these cycles rarely match up.  two people who think about the same things wont think about them at the same time, either one person will be or the other willl. 

i dont’ really know what i;’m saying and my keyboard is all sticky.  

there’s this girl I know who thinks she’s rihanna:/ I don’t even like rihanna and I thinking it’s insulting.  All I see are these dumb instragrammed moody shots of idiots wearing denim vests with a cigarette hanging lazily out of their mouths while flipping off the camera.  I don’t want to feel this way, i’m so angry.  

Nothing is actually a particular color, things that appear to be a color are actually just reflecting that pigmented light.  I’m pretty sure it’s even more complicated than that and I know this is common knowledge but I didn’t really understand it until now.  I really like knowledge.

how late am i with this album though?  I feel really fucking late.  I listen to weezer and watch wadderboi all day; dunn laff @ me.  I’m dying to go to a salsa club after seeing “celeste + jesse 5evar”.  


I want to go shopping but I don’t know.  And I wrote a really inappropriate story for my creative writing assignment but idgaf cuz im liek dat.  The instructor just won’t make eye contact with me for the rest of the semester, I’m cool with that.  

yerp erm herrr

let us listen to no hands.  And I danced to whip it (tech. three song, not devo you darn gringos) for nearly fifteen minutes today. 

"O yea, my name is evan and my friends call me Nave. Do you know why?"

someone I’m disgustingly attracted to and I really don’t want to be

God, I missed out not having siblings

It’s not a movie with a whole plot.  It’s just feelings, and that’s how it was being a teenager.  Fucking feelings in all the places all the time.  

I love how they’re all kids

god this whole movie is soo embarasssing

Every possible thing that could go wrong does, and that’s how it feels sometimes.  Like when JAKE CALLS SAM’S HOUSE TO TALK TO SAM an her freaking grandparetsn pick up the phone and yell at him! OH MYFUCKING GOD I UNDERSTAND